Rottnest Island: Come for the Quokkas, Stay for the Serenity.

Rottnest Island Quokka

This feels like travel blogger fraud. Rottnest Island is so easy to navigate and have an awesome time in. It really doesn’t take much planning. But hey, we wanna be helpful… even when it’s not necessary. So here’s how to do Rottnest Island, just a short trip from Perth, Western Australia. And see a quokka.

So first things first…


Don’t worry you will see them – everywhere! I took my American friend and at first she was like – “oh I thought there would be hundreds.” But then bam quokkas, quokkas everywhere! They tend to be where people have food – but don’t feed them! And at dusk they come out in adorable droves.

Quokka Rottnest Island Friends
Making Quokka Friends
Quokka Rottnest Island
I mean…

What to Bring to Rottnest Island:

Swimwear and all accompanying swim time accessories (towels, sun protection). I also suggest bringing a snorkel, there are some fishies and such – but if you don’t have one they sell them there – see easy!

You can bring any food and alcohol you want, but there are restaurants, bars, cafes and stores there so if you want to just wing it you can. You may pay a little mark up but honestly it’s not too bad considering they have you stuck on a tiny island.

Bring some walking around/bike riding clothes. You can also bring your own bike if you want, otherwise you can hire one – more on that soon.

Bring your camera – quokka selfies are all the rage these days.

Quokka Selfie Rottnest Island
Quokka selfie!

How to Get There:

If you don’t have a boat (what you don’t?!) just catch the ferry, easy breezy.

There are a few locations you can leave from and that will alter price and travel times but to get out there from Perth takes about 2 hours. Price for a return ticket is around $50 but it does vary.

Ferry tickets:

Rottnest Express (Perth, Fremantle, North Port)

Rottenest Fast Ferries  (Hillarys)

Rottnest Island Beach
I snorkeled in there!

Getting Around on Rottnest Island:

Rottnest is pretty unique in that there are “no” cars on the island. You will see a couple of delivery vans and emergency service vehicles, but there are no resident/visitor vehicles. So how are you to get around?! Once again it’s so easy. You can take the shuttle bus or you can bike… por qué no los dos? Well you can!

We did the first day on the hop on hop off shuttle so that we could see the whole island quickly and easily. Also we had Chris’ parents with us so this was an easy way for them to get around too.

This bus is $20 for adults and does a one way circuit of the island roughly every 35 minutes (this may change at different times of year so check when you get there) – so if you think you want to get off do, otherwise you have to walk back or go the whole way around the island again.

Rottnest Island Explorer Bus

There are other bus, coach and train tours, but this is my rec.

Rottnest Island Cathedral Rocks
Cathedral Rocks
Rottnest Island View
That’s a sexy view.

Bike rental is $30 a day (or you can bring your own on the ferry for $15). You should be aware that biking Rottnest is somewhat a challenge. We had seen the perimeter of the island on the bus so we decided to bike through the middle and up to the lighthouse. It is hilly! In fact, having had a boozy night at the pub the night before Chris decided (was forced by his body) to have a little nap on the side of the road. So while biking is a really nice way to get around and you have the freedom to go wherever you want at your own pace, it is not always leisurely.

Bike Rental Right Here

Rottnest Island Wadjemup Lighthouse
Wadjemup Lighthouse

Note that none of this needs to be booked in advance. When you get off the ferry there is a visitor’s office right there! So you can have a peruse and decide what you feel like on the spot. You can find all the info you need, including where to stay, right here. See I told you I am a fraud of a travel blogger! You don’t need me – go enjoy Rottnest! And while you’re in Perth, you can check out The Pinnacles and more..

Rottnest Island Sunset
This sunset… this sunset

…OK but we all know why you really want to go to Rottnest, for these guys…


Rottnest Island Quokka Smiling
Look at that frickin’ face!
Rottnest Island Quokka Kissing
Not touching!











So yeah go to Rottnest; ride, sightsee, swim, snorkel, relax… yada yada… go get yourself some quokka selfies!


Written by (doesn’t miss a thing) Taryn

Rottnest Island Pelican
Phone so interesting…

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  1. These pictures are amazing and the quokkas are so adorable. Never knew I wanted to go to this island until today. Great post and great information!

    1. Thank you 🙂 Glad you liked it.

  2. Rochelle Anderson says: Reply

    I had no idea these animals existed and now I’m mad that Rottnest Island is so far away! I wanna go!

    1. You’ll have to do a big Australia trip!

  3. Quokka?… I learn something new every day. 🙂

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