Big Rocks From Outer Space? The Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia.

Pinnacles Photo

The Pinnacles Desert is one of those places I never knew existed but I drove closely by several times a year growing up. Back then the only way to access this amazing site was with a four wheel drive. But now you can just drive on up in any old car and explore (I mean, don’t drive around the Australian outback in an old bomb, that’s just asking for trouble), what I’m saying is you don’t need a 4WD. Anywho, I highly recommend a visit. The Pinnacles are about 2.5 hours north of Perth, Western Australia, within Nambung National Park, heading towards Cervantes. If you’re going that way anyway it’s only a short detour (15 mins) off the Indian Ocean Drive and well worth the extra time.

Oh by the way, they are unlikely to be big rocks from outer space – wind, rain, calcium and all that – but still, you never know. 

We didn’t go to the visitors centre, but here’s a link to the visitors centre!

Pinnacles Photo Bogan Shirt
Pictured: Bogan Model
Pinnacles Photo Holding Hands
We are merely exchanging long protein strings
Pinnacles Photo
Where you from rock?
Pinnacles Nambung National Park Photo
A vast array of rocks…
Australian Roadside Animal Photo
See all the animals you might see!

When driving north from Perth to any of the amazing coastal towns, I suggest taking the Indian Ocean Road. Depending where you leave off from in Perth this may take a little extra time but it is such a picturesque drive, plus no &%$# road trains! On our drive up we saw two Emus which was very cool – and I managed to snap a really blurry totally not postable picture of them! But here is a link to some Emus for you.

If you’re like us, and like to squeeze the most out of your travel, there is a stop you can do just 45 minutes north of Perth (you could also do this one as a day trip). Yanchep National Park is a taste of true Aussie bushland, super close to the city. Plus if you’ve never seen kangaroos or koalas before you’re guaranteed to see them. It’s a beautiful area with lots of hiking and picnic spots. They also do cave tours, but unfortunately we didn’t have the time. I guess we don’t always get to do ALL the things!

Yanchep National Park Boardwalk Photo
Walk along here…
Yanchep National Park Koala Photo
see these guys!
Map Perth Caversham Yanchep
A worthwhile detour

A little note from me to you:
The alternative route north is up through the Swan Valley and Caversham. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious you can do it all, I believe in you! It’s just a drive east to go west again. But if you only have one trip north out of Perth and your first night is not too far, I recommend doing all the things! (Of course). So you could do Perth – Swan Valley – Caversham – Yanchep – Pinnacles – onward and upward! More on the Swan Valley and Caversham in an upcoming post. And if you have the time, check out Rottnest Island, just off the coast. 

Written (mostly) by: Taryn

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  1. First of all the photos are simply amazing! I love this post because I was immediately drawn into what you were writing about with the initial photo. You gave plenty of detail and honestly made me want to hop on a plane and experience this moment for myself! Wonderful Post!

    1. CouplaTravellers says: Reply

      Thank you so much 🙂 Congrats on being our first commenter!

  2. This place looks absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to see more posts from you guys. Let me live vicariously through y’all!

    1. CouplaTravellers says: Reply

      Thanks Katherine! Anytime 😉

  3. Marp Kennedy says: Reply

    Great inspiration to see some more of WA. Can’t wait to try this road trip for myself!

    1. CouplaTravellers says: Reply

      Do it! WA is an underrated place I reckon.

  4. AustraliCAN! says: Reply

    Such fun stuff! How much was it to get the Bogan model to sit still?

    1. CouplaTravellers says: Reply

      Bogan model never sits still, we’ve just got to use a fast shutter speed!

  5. Congrats on you amazing and shiney new travel blog! I really enjoyed your first entry. I have to go to Perth sometime and see this place, it looks so cool. Can’t wait to see more entries! Love you guys. Ps this made me giggle a lot


    1. CouplaTravellers says: Reply

      Thanks Allison, we’ll let you know all the cool places to go and play tour guide!

  6. Kerryn Fitzgerald says: Reply

    Hi Taryn and Chris,
    Ross and I feel guilty that we have been married 37.5 years and have never done it. In the book now to go and see before we are 60.
    Quirky, interesting blog – quirky and interesting sounds just like you and Chris. Well done xx

    1. CouplaTravellers says: Reply

      Thanks Kerryn, you really should do it. Then go spend a night out at Jurien or something 🙂

    2. Wayne Leggett says: Reply

      You holiday @ Seabird and have never been to the Pinnacles? Shame!

  7. Love the Pinnacles! Thanks for sharing some great information. All of the pictures are amazing and make me want to go back! And who knows maybe the next time I go there will be Aliens 😉

    1. CouplaTravellers says: Reply

      The truth is out there

  8. Simon Cowell says: Reply

    Love the photos! I like to think they’re from space for sure!!! Great blog 🙂

    1. CouplaTravellers says: Reply

      Thank you 🙂

  9. So cool. I’ve only ever been to the east coast of Australia–hopefully one day we’ll get back there and see the opposite side of things 🙂

    1. CouplaTravellers says: Reply

      Hope so too!

  10. Wow! Great pictures! Great blog in general. Also this just makes me even more excited to go to Australia someday… it’s gonna happen, just a matter of time, because I too MUST DO ALL THE THINGS!! :))))

    1. YES. Let’s go together!

  11. This place looks amazing and makes me want to visit Austrailia even more. Loved how you gave a little info on each stop. Nice read 🙂

    1. CouplaTravellers says: Reply

      Thank you! Definitely put Australia on the bucket list, it’s amazing!

  12. So jealous of all your travels! I have a serious case of wanderlust but haven’t been able to give into it recently. Thanks for giving me some great ideas and tips as soon as time/money allows!

  13. Great blog, sometimes you don’t even know what’s in your own backyard & all it takes is some enthusiastic people to show you around. Looking forward to more. I want to do all the things!

  14. Loving this – can’t wait for the next post!

  15. Those rock formations, though. Only one logical explanation for them: Space Voodoo!

  16. Sounds wonderful! Will definitely do this when I get a chance to visit Perth!! 🙂

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