Museum of Instagram – I mean, Ice Cream. Museum of Ice Cream.

Museum of Ice Cream Photo Sprinkle Pool

So I’m just gonna get it out there straight away, the Museum of Ice Cream is one hundo designed for people to take awesome social media pics and videos. I mean walking into it is like taking a step into Instagram. If you can take off your cynical hat it’s actually really fun. But if you have trouble taking off that hat/ hate millennials do not go. It is in NO WAY a Museum, but, it is an interactive art gallery with free (minus cost of admission) ice cream and I think that is pretty dope.

If you’re thinking about going and want to be completely surprised quit looking at this post now. What you doing? It’s going to ruin the surprise! If you wanna know more about it, or have no chance of going, stick around friends and I will share with you the tripped out world that is the Museum of Ice Cream.

Wait for the ice cream!

First off for anyone living in LA – or anyone who has checked out any LA related social media posts – you know we have a thing for pink walls (Paul Smith building anyone?). People flock to a pink wall for a selfie, so you are set for a classic soc post before you even enter the building! Also be prepared, people are going to be made up and dressed up in very chic, cute outfits. I was not aware of this and proudly rocked my not done hair, shirt and jeans.

Keep an eye out for pink walls in your area, it could be the next MOI location. Let us know if you see one.

Strawberry Short Drake – classic


While you’re waiting you get assigned a team to enter with, we decided on the team name “Yes Pecan” (sucker for wordplay). Once your team name is called you enter the unicorn on crack world of the MOI. When you get into the first sample room don’t forget to look down, there are fake walk of fame stars with famous people – ice cream word play on them!

You look around and everyone is just playing the star of their own social media universe (“hey guys! Here we are at the Museum of Ice Cream…”) At first TBH we were like, oh man everyone is obsessed with themselves. But we quickly realised we were doing the exact same thing. Let’s just say this whole thing makes you hyper aware of how society works now… I sound old…. I think I’m old… I’m old.

Not samples
Also not samples.

There’s some really interesting rooms and a handful of samples, including one hate-filled warm ice cream that made me so sad. Here’s how that convo went:

We hates it forever!

Me: “What on Earth did you do to deserve this station?”

Sample guy: (emphatically) “It is not my fault, or my choice, I was assigned to this room!” *stifles tears*

So it seems like I made someone’s day! Did anyone try this horrible black mush? Thoughts? Feelings? Flashbacks?


Finally you get to the… you’ve been waiting for it… SPRINKLE POOL! Friends, I have no idea why this thing is so fun but it’s so fun! I guess it’s like being a child in a ball pit, but better, and with more cameras.

All pools should be sprinkle pools!

But here’s the thing, these little plastic sprinkles get everywhere, I mean e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! Like TMI to say everywhere, if you crack – I mean catch, my drift. I was pretty diligent about removing them before we got home. Here’s what Chris did:

Someone thought the carpet could use some colour

All in all it was great fun, I highly recommend it if you can get there before it closes. Take a camera, take a phone, take your lactose medication and don’t forget to de-sprinkle your clothes before you leave!

Written (pretty much entirely) by: Taryn


7 Replies to “Museum of Instagram – I mean, Ice Cream. Museum of Ice Cream.”

  1. Sounds like fun! But how much ice cream did you eat?

    1. Honestly not too much. About 4 samples. The best was salt and straw which is our local!

  2. Beautiful photos!!! Love to you both.

    1. Awww thanks Whit! Much love, and you’re travel adventures look so amazing! Jealous!!!!

  3. I love your blog it makes me want to follow in your travel footsteps, keep them coming.

  4. Hahaha looks like fun but I think I’ll give that one a miss…unless…did they have vegan ice cream??

    1. They did not. Sorry Salme!

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