Why You Must Visit The Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl at night

The Hollywood Bowl is a pretty well known concert venue in LA, but when we first came here as visitors we never heard about it and when talking to visitors (and even some locals) now, it is not on their radar. So we are here to get it on your radar (you’re welcome). You may think a concert venue is not really something to experience when travelling, but you sir/mam are wrong! The Hollywood Bowl is really something quite special.

Why We Love it

The Hollywood Bowl

The Bowl is a huge outdoor venue open for “the summer” (early June – late September) in LA. It’s well known as the home of the LA Philharmonic orchestra, but there’s also pop, rock and music theatre artists and all sorts who perform. Being in LA, it means not only are there world class performers, but also you never know which celebrities might pop by. Just the other day we went to see John Williams conduct and all of a sudden Kobe Bryant wanders out and performs a spoken word poem to John’s music, so yeah, you never know what you’ll get.

Hollywood Bowl - Taryn wearing Ron's sweater from Harry Potter
What you don’t have an authentic Ron Weasley sweater?

The Harry Potter movies with the LA Philharmonic Orchestra playing the score live are our favourites. Everyone gets so into it, people dress up and cheer and clap for their favourite moments and characters. It’s very dorky and fun.

It is also a picnic venue and depending on the concert you are seeing, you can bring your own food and alcohol not only to the surrounding picnic areas, but into the concert itself. It gets a bit squishy (*unless you can afford the fancy box seats… we can’t… whatever it’s fine…) but everyone just finds creative ways to enjoy a picnic in their own lap.

The acoustics are wonderful, the concerts spectacular, there’s wine in sippy cups, you’re surrounded by the Hollywood Hills and basking in the glow of the moon, there’s wine in sippy cups, what more could you want? Oh you want fireworks? There’s literally fireworks too… and wine in sippy cups. So if you live in or are visiting LA go to the Hollywood Bowl, we you give our money back guarantee that you’ll love it (obviously we don’t give a money back guarantee – see *).

Hollywood Bowl - Drinking wine from a sippy cup
I drink from a sippy cup

Want to catch the last of this season? Check out what’s going on at The Bowl.

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Written by Taryn and Chris

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  1. I had been to LA twice before I visited the Hollywood bowl, it’s a wonderful experience & I would highly recommend it. Luv these two bloggers.

    1. Aww thanks, warms the cockles.

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