A Breathtaking Way to Weekend Away in Big Sur

Whelp Chris pretty much ruined my gift giving game forever by taking me to Treebones Resort in Big Sur as a surprise for my birthday. On top of that, he hired us a romantic little nest to stay in that overlooks the magnificent Big Sur coastline. That’s right, you and your loved one can snuggle up in a big man made people nest and star gaze all night long.

Looking out of the nest to this frickin’ view.

The Nest at Treebones Resort

This is the perfect stay for those who seek unique accommodation. The view is breathtakingly spectacular and you’re pretty well out in the open to enjoy the fresh air and night sky, and luckily very few bugs. However we did have a big storm the first night and were lucky enough to have settled in our tent instead of the exposed nest when it hit. So if you do hire this accommodation, make sure you bring a back up tent and have it set up and ready to go – that storm came out of nowhere!

In our love nest. Sorry, too mushy.

The resort itself is wonderful and offers some more “glamping” style accommodation in their yurts. There is also a pool, jacuzzi and a full restaurant, all overlooking the magnificent Big Sur coast. The staff were wonderful and Chris and I spent most of our little getaway playing games and sipping wine in the lodge, and soaking in the jaccuzzi (when not chilling in our nest). It’s a tough life sometimes!

Oh me? I’m a fancy man now!


Hiking and Sightseeing

Definitely not wearing my undies in this pic

Big Sur itself is one of my favourite California destinations. Although similar to other coastal drives you may have done – this, to me, is by far the stand out of all coast lines for views. While the drive itself is beautiful, there are also plenty of amazing hikes you can do in the forests and along the beaches. We did the Limekiln Trails hike to the waterfall… and if you have read this blog before you know I’m a sucker for a waterfall. I will say the water, both at the fall and the ocean, were much too cold for me to swim in, but especially beautiful and peaceful nonetheless. I mean, just look at this shiz:

There are for sure elves and what not here, so magical.
Just call me Philippe Petit


Getting To Big Sur

That’s an alright drive

The Pacific Coastal Highway is one of those “must drive” American routes – and we love our road trips. The unfortunate thing is that the highway is prone to mudslides and one earlier this year led to part of the road being closed, meaning, to come into the area we had to go over the mountain. Let me tell you, it’s a pretty hairy drive. I’ve been on more terrifying drives before, but it is definitely not for the trepidatious. It’s winding with unprotected drop offs. So that’s fun. But actually, it is also a very beautiful drive. I would recommend the coastal route if it’s open, but just know that if not, you can still get out and enjoy Big Sur, and it only adds about an extra hour onto your drive.

Check the road conditions here.

Places to Stop and Stay

As a weekend away from LA it is quite a long drive (5 and a half hours without traffic, with traffic probably closer to 7 hours, because… LA). So rather than doing the drive up in one leg we stayed one night at Highlander Ranch, a lovely B&B in Paso Robles (with wine and bunnies and squirrels and cows and condors and views for days!) For those who don’t know Paso Robles is a fancy wine region in California with lots of shops, restaurants and beautiful vineyards all ’round.

Can this be my job now please?

We did the drive back in one leg, however we did stop in San Luis Obispo and that is a wonderful surprise of a town, much more bustling and trendy than we expected (even though it had a super gross bubble gum alley). So either of those are great little stops if visiting from the South. If coming from the North I suggest a stop in Carmel, it is such an adorable quaint town.


Wild Life

Hello deer

Big Sur is teeming with wildlife, I mean if I was an animal, that’s where I’d choose to live. So it’s no surprise that there are animals all around. We had the pleasure of listening to the seals going off all night long, not the soothing sounds you’d find on your typical nature sound track, but honestly it was pretty funny and enjoyable. Walking around in the evening at the resort we came across two deer just wandering around, and they were not at all frightened by us (they probably should be, I’ve eaten venison before… JK live deer are much nicer). There are plenty of birds, including blue jays, which were a definite novelty for me. But my top encounter was with a raccoon. Now those from the states might not find this interesting or amusing at all, but I loved it…


A Trash Panda Tried To Steal My Bikini

Chris and I were sleeping in our tent (due to inclement weather), when were heard what we thought was people crashing through the bushes outside our tent. So I said “hello”, no reply. I unzip the tent and there is a raccoon right outside our tent holding up my bikini. It was honestly so adorable in his (or her) tiny little hands and it looked like the little bugger was trying it on for size. So I was admiring the cuteness, but then, I really love that bikini so I yelled at him

Me: “aaahhhh”

Trash Panda: “I take?” (you know, with a look)

Me: “No, that’s my bikini”

Pandito (that’s what I called him): “I dunno” (more looks)

Me: …

Then he put it down and ran off with his buddy. Possibly my favourite thing that happened all weekend!

So there you have it: views, relaxation, romance, nature and wildlife encounters… it really doesn’t get much better. Seriously, if you want more there is no pleasing you.


Mushy, mushy, mushy, mushy…

Written by: Taryn, Trip arranged by: Chris.

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  1. This is so unbelivable! What a great present and amazing view! Loved reading this post.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Glad you liked it. Loved yours too!

  2. What a special way to spend your birthday, love your blog.

    1. Thanks ’twas lovely 🙂

  3. Well, this was a Big Sur-prise… Surprise because I usually associated Big Sur with loadsa 1960s hippie trippie surfers. What happened, Dudes?

    1. Ahh I didn’t realise it had that reputation. But I can dig it.

  4. This was so funny about “The trash panda!!! I’m going to stay in the nest and I’m so terrified of bugs and animals, but I had to book it because it looks amazing.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! You will love the nest, there were a couple of ants but nothing scary. Enjoy your stay!!! If you want, come back on and let us know how it went 🙂

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