About Us

See, we’ve travelled in all the temperatures!

Coupla Travellers here. We’re a young(ish) adult(ish) couple. We have some time, but not all of the time and some money, but not all of the money. We travel a bunch and just want to share our quick and fun reviews, experiences, tips and tricks, with some pretty photos to look at.

I (Taryn) had a previous life as a travel host, so I know how to find fun, photogenic places, plus I talk good. Chris has a background in research so his specialty is how to get a deal and make the most out of every trip. We have travelled together since we were teenagers and have been to over 40 countries together! So, yeah, we’re pretty well versed in travelling as a couple. While we do make plans and do a decent (OK painful) amount of research to save money and make sure we do as many of “all the things” as we can, we like to keep it loose enough that we can be like “oooh this looks fun, let’s stop here!”.

So basically, we are livin’ our lives, spending money that could go on more responsible things… probably (has an existential crisis, keeps writing). But honestly we really think life is about fun and adventure and making the most of what you’ve got, you know? Yeah, you get it.

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